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Alpha Ethernet Adapter & Serial Servers

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ALPHA Ethernet Adapter
The ALPHA Ethernet Adapter II is easily configured remotely over your network. No external power supply is required as the Adapter is powered directly by the display. Simply attach the Ethernet Adapter to the back of a display and connect your Ethernet cable to the Adapter.

Two additional Serial Server solutions are available. For 100BaseT networks, Adaptive offers the MSS100 version of the Ethernet Adapter. Where several displays are connected together via a RS485 network, the MSS485 version is available to easily connect multiple signs to one IP address on a 10BaseT network.

  • Easy and cost effective connectivity to existing LANs without creating another.
  • Networking via TCP/IP 10/100BaseT (10BaseT with the MSS485).
  • Simple user setup of the IP address.
  • Backwards compatible with existing serial ALPHA displays which allows a computer with only serial ports to communicate via a TCP/IP network.

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