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Alpha™ Messaging Software

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Alpha™ Messaging Software
This software allows you to connect one ALPHA sign to a personal computer.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Create messages on your PC in the color, font, and layout you want to see displayed on your ALPHA sign.
  • Insert time and date into messages.
  • Select message attributes such as presentation style and idle time.
  • Select from available sign animations.

Software kit includes:

  • Software CD ROM.
  • Installation guide.
  • ALPHA LED sign cable (25 foot RS232).
  • PC adapter for sign cable.

Systems requirements:

  • PC with CD ROM drive and mouse
  • VGA or SVGA color monitor
  • 16 MB RAM or greater
  • Windows 95/98/NT or XP operating system
  • 486 processor or better

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ALPHA signs supported:

  • 215R, 215C, 220C, Big Dot, Window Display
  • 320C and 330C
  • 4080C, 4120C, 4120R, 4160C, 4120R, 4200C, 4200R, 4240C, 4240R
  • 7080C, 7120C, 7160C, and 7200C
  • BetaBrite Director, Alpha Director
  • Personal Priority Display (PPD)
  • Solar Outdoor


Other software for programming Alpha signs:

Smart Alec for intelligent messaging solutions

AlphaNET Plus for networking multiple Alpha signs

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