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Alpha Marquee ActiveX Control

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ALPHA Marquee ActiveX Control
Communicate with your ALPHA electronic sign directly from any application that supports the use of ActiveX controls including:
  • Manufacturing Software such as Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Business Applications such as Microsoft Excel
  • Development Environments such as Visual Basic and Visual C++

The ALPHA Marquee ActiveX Control comes complete with everything you need to trigger messages, alarms and display real-time information. Install, configure and use the marquee driver in minutes. The ALPHA Marquee ActiveX Control will communicate with any of the ALPHA electronic signs via LAN (TCP/IP) or Serially (PC COM Port).  Tek Solutions is your authorized Alpha Distributor!
  • Display real-time production statistics
  • Broadcast event/alarm conditions
  • Control text attributes such as color, font, flashing, etc.
  • Directly display your existing database messages
  • All options can be set programmatically at run time
  • LAN support via TCP/IP, serial support via PC COM port
  • Easy to install and use

 Configuration Methods
  • Initializes the network connection and the display


  • Changes the current operational mode of the display (Statistics vs Alarms)


  • Sends a soft reset to the display


  • Updates a variable field on the display


  • Sends a text string to the display desired


  • Adds an alarm to the control's alarm queue

AlarmAck/AlarmAck All

  • Removes an alarm from the control's alarm queue
  • Removes all alarms from the control's alarm queue

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